Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spirit: We are made up of three parts: Body, Soul and Spirit.  These selections of devotionals, confessions, and meditations are designed to empower your Spirit to soar like the eagle.  The Word is sharper than any two edge sword piercing to the root of the matter and destroying the very thing that has kept you bound.   Once you are free in Spirit, then it makes the loosening of all other bands of oppression possible.  I pray that this section speaks to your spirit and that you experience the total freedom you desire today.. 

Mind: Our mind is made up of various levels.  We have the conscious and subconscious mind just to name two.  The complexities of mind and thought lead people in identical situations down two different paths. Here, we will focus on thought patterns and results of thinking a certain way; Tricks on how to re-train your brain; Information to enlighten and strengthen the reader.  We believe that was you read this section, it will challenge you to evaluate yourself and re-assess what has been driving your thoughts and in essence your life.. Thinking is seeding.  What kind of harvest are you producing??? Click here to Read!

Body: Our natural body is a wonder of science.  I believe is a self healing organism.  We just need to provide it with the right combination of things to have it perform at its optimum.  With this said, this section is devoted to various conditions that attack our bodies and the remedies to cure it. We will focus on real stories of victory submitted by our readers. As we get our mind and spirit in order, our natural bodies need to be strong and fit to endure until the end. Click here to Read!


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  1. Thank you Ms. Angie for being so transparent about your life for our spirit, mind and body segment! We love you!

    Mrs. Norvell


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